Fight eviction in California

California eviction document collection

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Fight eviction in California with the California eviction document collection.

The California eviction document collection is designed to allow a tenant in California to fight eviction and assert their legal rights in Court.  This collection contains over 30 documents with a list price of over $450.00 if purchased separately but you can purchase the entire collection at a huge discount compared to the individual list price for each document. All documents in this package have been revised and updated in January 2017.   


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The California eviction document collection contains over 30 documents.

The California eviction litigation document package contains over 30 documents specifically designed for eviction defense in California including an answer, demurrer, motion to quash, motion to strike, trial brief and more.

Sample litigation documents included in the California eviction  document collection are:

  • Sample Answer to Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Complaint in California
  • Sample California Complaint Against Landlord

  • Sample California Security Deposit Dispute Letter

  •  Sample Demurrer to Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Complaint in California

  •  Sample Ex-Parte Application for Extension of Time to Plead in California

  •  Sample Ex-Parte Application for Stay of Execution in California

  •  Sample Ex-Parte Application to Continue Trial Date in California

  •  Sample Ex-Parte Application to Vacate Judgment in California

  •  Sample Motion for Directed Verdict in California

  •  Sample Motion for Judgment under CCP section 631.8 in California

  • Sample Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings in California eviction
  •  Sample Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict in California

  •  Sample Motion for Relief from Lease Forfeiture in California

  •  Sample Motion for New Trial in California

  •  Sample Motion for Summary Judgment

  •  Sample Motion to Quash Service for California eviction

  •  Sample Motion to Strike eviction complaint in California

  •  Sample Motion to Vacate Judgment and Enter Another and Different Judgment under Code of Civil Procedure section 663

  • Sample Opposition to Motion for New Trial

  • Sample Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment

  •  Sample Requests for Admission for California Eviction

  •  Sample Requests for Production of Documents for California Eviction

  •  Sample Stipulation and Order for dismissal of eviction case in California upon payment of rent

  • Sample Stipulation and Order for extension of time to plead

  • Sample Stipulation and Order for stay of eviction in California

  •  Sample Stipulation and Order to continue trial date for California eviction

  • Sample Stipulation and Order to file first amended answer in California eviction

  •  Sample Stipulation and Order to vacate default and judgment in California eviction

  • Sample Trial Brief for California eviction


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